Przemiany Festival 2013

Future cannot be divined, but it can be shaped. The participants of this year’s edition of the Przemiany Festival organised by the Copernicus Science Centre will be able to ascertain that each of us has the power to create the future.

We are interested in the creative power of human beings, which – supported by new technologies – may change the world. New methods of production, including 3D print, are no longer reserved for specialists. We can print anything: from shoes, through endoprostheses to space stations on Mars. We are only limited by our imagination. The protagonists of the Przemiany Festival are active in various fields of life. Their projects are a manifestation of passion and willingness to change the existing reality. With the use of commonly available technology, knowledge and sensibility, they solve specific social problems, influencing the shape of science, art, medicine or food production. Because the only thing you need to create is to know what for.


5-8 September 2013