Social MuseumExhibition

We do not live alone. There are people around us with whom we share the space. Together we create a community which has a chance to develop and can offer its members the feeling of safety, familiarity and local identity. But in order for these values to emerge people have to open up, give something to one another, share something. That’s how kindness and mutual tolerance is born.

Krzysztof Żwirblis, the author of Social Museum, encourages people to share their privacy with other people. The artist will spend several days learning about the Powiśle neighbourhood and its inhabitants. He will invite them to take part in a documentary presenting their own personal stories, their creativity and passions which give meaning to their lives. He will also prompt them to share their personal items which are valuable for them because they are associated with important life events.

The Social Museum will consist of the documentary and the collection of items.

When and where?


Copernicus Science Centre, 1st floor
Admission free

The screening of the documentary and the preview of the exhibition

04.09.2014, 9 p.m.
Copernicus Science Centre, ground floor


Krzysztow Żwirblis