Thinking Powiśle

Every neighbourhood has a layer which is hidden under the surface and which cannot be seen at first glance. Only people who live there know about it. They have their own paths and their favourite places in the neighbourhood, their memories and dreams about it.

During the project the inhabitants of Powiśle will create a collection of „road signs” directing us to these places in the neighbourhood which for them are important. The signs will describe both existing places and those which despite being already gone still bring back vivid memories from the past. There will also be a different category of signs dedicated to the future of the neighbourhood and the inhabitants’ dreams or concerns.

During the festival everyone will have the chance to walk around Powiśle using the private signs created by the inhabitants and will have the opportunity to get to know their memories, dreams and hopes. This space will no longer be no man’s space, it will become common.

Production and workshops: The Unit for Social Innovation and Research – Shipyard

When and where?



Jan Mencwel