Earth is becoming a better place to liveOxford-style debate

The two teams, six speakers and one thesis that they will be trying to support or refute.

We invite you to the debate entitled “Earth is becoming a better place to live”. The discussion will be conducted by eminent experts: an anthropologist, a climate specialist, natural scientists, an expert on long-term strategies for science and industry, and an expert on pop culture and the Internet. They will fight using arguments, searching for weaknesses in the reasoning of their opponents, and answering your questions. After all, it will be your opinions that will matter in the end as the audience will vote for the winner of the debate!


  • prof. Bogusław Pawłowski (biologist, anthropologist)
  • Kacper Nosarzewski (analyst, strategist)
  • Jowita Michalska (new technology)


  • Wojciech Orliński (social publicist)
  • Adam Wajrak (publicist, environmental activist)
  • Aleksandra Kardaś (atmospheric physicist)

When and where?

6 September, 4.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m.
Auditorium of the Copernicus Science Centre

Free admission

Supervised by:
Piotr Kossobudzki