Breakfast by the river

This year’s picnic of the Przemiany Festival will be held under the slogan of “locality and biodiversity”. The programme includes a micro-market event, during which you will be able to taste a variety of food prepared by various culinary initiatives from Mazovia, buy fruit and vegetables grown by local farmers, and participate in workshops and lectures.

The atmosphere during the picnic will be taken care of by DJ Eltron John.

12.00 (noon)-1.30 p.m.

At the workshops by the AgriNatura Foundation, we will look at seeds. We will get to know ancient varieties of cereals. We will see how seeds are collected and learn the consequences of restricting agricultural biodiversity.

2.00 p.m.-3.30 p.m.

During the workshops, the representatives of the Slow Food Convivium will discuss the meaning of locality in the context of cooking, how to do our shopping wisely and take care of biodiversity by making everyday choices at grocery stores and food markets.

4.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m.

A lecture on the future of food will be delivered by Małgorzata Minta, a journalist and, above all, a culinary enthusiast. Małgorzata will speak about the forecasts concerning plant cultivation in the future, both as regards the methods and the choice of cultivated species. Małgorzata will also reflect on whether we will be forced to massively change our diet. We will also learn about “test-tube food” and we will explore the issue of protein sources in the diet of the future.

When and where?

6 September, 11.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m.
Summer stage of the Discovery Park

Free admission

Supervised by:
Magdalena Wójcik