Science Picnic

Tools, instruments, mechanisms — from microprocessors to rockets and from simple levers to supercomputers. Scientific progress enables us to build more and more perfect mechanisms, thanks to which we can make further discoveries.
During the 23rd Science Picnic, we’ll discover what links people and machines.

Science Picnic is the largest outdoor event in Europe, which proves that science can be fascinating. The picnic is for science enthusiasts, who would like to see it close. However, it is also the place for those, who haven’t found passion in science yet – the picnic presentations are a great way to change that.

For years this event was visited by people interested in particular science disciplines or just curious in general. Presentations and programmes for them are prepared by demonstrators both from Poland and abroad. It’s just a myth, that people, who present things at Science Picnic are only practicioners of exact sciences, like physics, chemistry and biology. There are also disciplines focused on sociology, humanities, art etc. That means a lot of interesting and different things happen at the event. Sometimes the experiments and demonstrations show some truly surprising things.

Questions are endless and answers are close at hand. Experiments and demonstrations are accompanied by concerts and performances of bands playing different music genres, so it’s more than probable, that anyone can find something to his liking.

When and where?

11 May 2019
from 11 am —8 pm

PGE Narodowy

Free admission!