Science Picnic 2015

The 19th Science Picnic of Polish Radio and The Copernicus Science Centre has ended. On 9th May from 11am until 8pm, large crowds of adults, teenagers and children carried out fascinating experiments and tests, and watched inspiring shows from nearly all areas of science. Throughout the entire day, a representative of the organising team walked 32,214 steps (assuming one step is about 70 centimetres, that would amount to around 22.5 kilometres), and the fast burst camera mounted at one of the booths took over 150,000 pictures of the experiments.

Science aficionados explored the secrets of light – as that was the leading subject of this year’s Picnic. The participants did things such as checking if it was possible to listen with their elbows, watched glowing seaweed, created invisible letters and looked at the world through the eyes of bees. All by themselves they went through a laser labyrinth, built their own spectroscopes and kaleidoscopes, took part in maths aerobics classes as well as in superhero games. They saw Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize with their own eyes and read the scientist’s letters, e.g. to Marie Skłodowska-Curie. They peeked inside a double bass, completed a light puzzle, learned how a robo-twister works, and even constructed a water-powered rocket. The event ended with a spectacular display of quadcopters over the National Stadium. Once again, the Picnic has proved that science presented in an attractive and unconventional way can be incredibly enjoyable for everyone – regardless for gender, age, or level of education.

And a year from now, we will have an anniversary – the 20th Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre. We are looking forward to your joining us!


9th May 2015