Don’t pollute the night: turn off that light!

Cities lit up at night prolong our evening activity and make us feel safer. But streetlamps are not always our allies. When we want to gaze up that the stars, it turns out that we can see only a handful. Much fewer than we once could. Is this the way things have to be?

Fortunately, no! We could enjoy looking at the stars without having to give up artificial lighting. The "Heavens of Copernicus" Planetarium is taking up this challenge. We will be trying to change our surroundings for the better, and encourage others to get involved. No better occasion could be chosen to kick off such a campaign than the upcoming solar eclipse.

Partial solar eclipse
20 March, Discovery Park, starting 9:30 am 

This impressive astronomical event is coming up on 20 March. It will be visible in Poland around noon. The Sun will disappear only partly here (although the few lucky souls who are on the Faroe Islands will witness a full eclipse). Come join in our observations at the Discovery Park, starting at 9:30 am. There will be telescopes and special glasses making it possible to gaze at the Sun.