„Lay out – Let out” Conference 2015

The Lay out – Let out Conference, organised by the Copernicus Science Centre for the ninth time, is most of all a meeting place for representatives of communities working for the development of education. It provides a platform for dialogue on contemporary challenges and new directions in formal and informal education, as well as for dissemination of proven solutions.

The registration for the conference has now been closed.

During this year’s meeting, we will talk about the learning environment and changes in the learning culture. Conference participants will be able to join the discussion on the benefits of learning in places of a wide and diverse spectrum of educational environments.

Learning is an adventure of exploring the unknown, the challenge of getting to know oneself, the joy of understanding the world in all its complexity and richness. It is both a social and an individual activity, which requires cooperation as much as competition. It also needs a social context because the world about which we are learning is not closed in textbooks: it lives in our environment. The real school of live is the world around us, and the best way to increase knowledge and key skills of young people and prepare them to function in the twenty-first century is to use the resources of this world in the education process. The change of the culture of learning can take place only when various partners and stakeholders engaged in education will participate jointly in the process of reflection and implementation of innovative solutions.

The process of learning is considered within its social context by emphasising the ability to cooperate and develop social capital. This is why, during this year’s conference, we will invite the participants to discuss the roles of the educator and the student, and their mutual relations and communication. Together we will explore how to build cooperation and shared responsibility in the learning process and how to plan and organise to ensure active participation of all students. Thinking about the school as learners’ environment, we will explore how and what teachers of different specialities can learn from each other and what benefits can be derived from the cooperation. During panel discussions, we will also discuss the subject of effective engagement of parents in educational activities carried out by the school and building lasting cooperation between educational institutions in the local environment. We will encourage participants to discuss how to consciously create partnerships between institutions engaged in formal and informal education and how to build lasting collaboration between schools and the world of science and business in the context of development of skills and talents that will be useful for the students in their future academic and professional life.

The conference programme is expected to include a number of panel discussions and practical activities (workshops, participation in CSC laboratories), as well as lectures delivered by invited speakers, film screenings accompanied by discussions, meetings and discussions with scientists, representatives of the Polish education system, NGOs and local governments.

We invite educators, teachers, school principals, methodical counsellors, employees of educational facilities and representatives of organisations and institutions working in the field of education. The conference will be held on 21–22 August 2015.

The detailed program of this year’s Lay out – Let out Conference, the rules for participation and the registration form will soon be posted on the CSC website.

Note: Please be informed that this year the Copernicus Science Centre does not cover the costs of accommodation and travel incurred by the conference participants.

Contact: pp9@kopernik.org.pl