Explainers – ask them anything!

We have no guides…

There are no museum guides at Copernicus. We encourage our visitors to explore for themselves, to experiment on their own and to discover the world. Everyone can choose their own route to take through the galleries (though we have made a few suggestions, just in case), deciding which experiments they want to carry out and in what order. 

…but we do have “explainers”!

However, we certainly do not want our visitors to lose their bearings while exploring the Copernicus Science Centre. We have a team of staff members, called “explainers”, who are all around to help in searching for answers, asking more questions, and also navigating through the building.

The explainers are our experts, people passionate about science who specialize in explaining truly extraordinary things in quite simple terms. Go ahead, try asking them some questions. They are easy to find, wearing red shirts with the Copernicus logo, and there are always about 30 of them throughout the exhibition space (although sometimes you might have to wait a moment before one nearby is free). 

The explainers can also help you find a particular exhibit, or tell you about the different galleries and current events taking place at the Copernicus Science Centre. They are eager to talk to you – the most interesting and important part of their job is talking to visitors and helping them seek answers.

They are also responsible for ensuring visitor safety and security, so please tell them about any difficult situations (if a child is lost, someone has an accident, etc.) and follow their guidance.

Explainers can also be encountered while visiting the planetarium and the laboratories. They also perform demonstrations, and some of them travel far and wide with our travelling exhibitions.

What questions you can ask an explainer

Can’t figure out how something works? Need help getting an exhibit to work? Are you left wondering what it’s all about, or maybe you’d just like to learn something more? Go ahead, ask an explainer!