FAQs related to QR codes

  1. E-tickets and new entry rules

    • We wanted to make it easier for visitors to enter the Copernicus Science Centre and reduce queues at the ticket offices. New e-tickets allow all visitors to pass through entrance gates by scanning their printed ticket or its code displayed on the screen of a smartphone, which means you don’t have to go to the ticket desk at all.

    • After buying the tickets on-line, you will receive a PDF file in your mailbox. You can print it or simply display the QR code on your smartphone and scan it on the reader when entering the Copernicus Science Centre.

      Tickets can also be printed in the Copernicus’ ticket office, in the Planetarium or using a free-standing printer located near the entrance to the Centre (you will need a scan of the QR code or your transaction confirmation).

    • Yes. The tickets open all entry and exit gates, you also need to scan them before entering the Bzzz! gallery, Family Workshops, classes in the labs and when entering the projection room in the Planetarium.

    • Each visitor has their own ticket with a dedicated QR code. In order to pass through the gates, you need to scan your QR code on your ticket or on your smartphone screen. You will also need to scan the QR code to exit the Copernicus Science Centre.

    • If before exiting the Copernicus Science Centre you realise that someone has lost their ticket, please go to the ticket office or one of our explainers. Our staff will help groups of younger children with passing through the gates.

    • After the introduction of new e-tickets, all visitors holding a valid ticket will be able to enter the exhibitions only once and with no possibility to re-enter. Holders (both individual and groups) of combined tickets for exhibitions and the Planetarium, and groups with booked classes in labs will be entitled to enter twice, so they can continue their visit after participating in other attractions. Members of the Copernicus Club will be allowed to enter three times.

    • No, leaving “for a moment” will not be allowed, so please remember to take all the necessary things (such as drinks, food and money) with you when entering the exhibitions.

    • The store has been relocated to the exhibition part of the Centre, so you will need a ticket to the CSC to enter it. Please also note that currently the store is closed due to renovation works.

    • Our restaurant will remain open. However, we advise that you plan your meal before or after the visit as you will not be able to exit the Copernicus Science Centre exhibitions and then re-enter using the same ticket. On the 1st floor you will also find our “Sandwich Zone”, where you can eat your own food or buy cold drinks and some snacks.

    • Each visitor is obliged to keep their ticket with the QR code during the visit. However, if you lose your ticket, the gate can be opened by one of our security guards or explainers.

    • Yes, each family member will receive their own ticket with a dedicated QR code.

    • It is important to remember that ticket holders have to enter and exit the Copernicus Science Centre using the appropriate gates. Nobody can leave through the connecting hall in the Planetarium – the QR codes will not open the gates there. Visitors holding tickets to the CSC and the Planetarium can go to the exhibitions, watch a show in the Planetarium, then come back to the CSC building and exit through the gates there. If your visit begins in the Planetarium, you can then enter the Copernicus Science Centre building using the connecting hall from the Planetarium.

    • Exhibits which used to be activated with log-in cards will now always be switched on. Only exhibits in the RE: generation gallery will be turned on with the use of cards (the card feeder will be placed in front of the gallery).

    • We are no longer using the system that enabled storing such information so we will not be sending multimedia souvenirs anymore.

    • The best thing to do would be to go to one of the ticket desks and ask for a printed ticket by giving your transaction number or your name. You can also try to increase the contrast on your smartphone screen.