Copernicus teachers’ afternoons

The Copernicus Science Centre thursday afternoons during school year is a special time for teachers. It’s important for us, that our partners - teachers - should have a chance to visit the Centre whenever they want, so that they can get to know our galleries and experiment with our exhibits.

Participation is confirmed by a testimonial.

The meetings are an opportunity to develop better cooperation with teachers in the form of a dialogue. Since november 2010 up to the end of 2012 we’ve met about 2000 teachers in a series of 76 meetings. We’ve been visited by specialists working with kids in kindergartens, elementary school, middle schools, highschools and by school principals. Specialists in various forms of teaching came from Warsaw, but also most remote regions of Poland. There were some experts on natural science and humanities, but also profession teachers.

Visiting the Centre
The main goal for meetings planned for year 2013 is free admission to our galleries for teachers. Seeing all of it takes about 2 hours.

Teachers get to know about the Centre, gallery plan, the placement of different exhibits. Aided by our explainers, they can get answers to questions which may arise while experimenting with our interactive exhibits. Many teachers treat it as a sort of ‘demo’ visit, which prepares them for coming again, this time with a group of pupils.

Education offer presentation
The schedule of meetings contains a presentation of projects designed for teachers and students. We will tell of the Young Explorer’s Club project, Copernicus labs or the Show-and-Teach Conference. We give the opportunity to meet the project supervisors personally. We give details on planned activities and discuss them with the teachers. There’s also time to learn, how to conduct exciting experiments with common everyday objects - we have scenarios for such experiments. You can safely conduct them at school with your pupils. All under care of our Young Explorer’s Club programme coaches.

Swaping opinions
We take time to discuss everything while simply enjoying a cup of tea. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to meet our team and talk to other teachers. For us it’s an occasion to meet the teachers and hear their suggestions. We’d love to hear about your opinions after seeing the galleries, and about your ideas on using the exhibits in a given teaching programme. Your needs and expectations (which you can also express via an anonymous survey) are a valuable source of inspiration for the future.


at. 16.00-19.00