Family Workshops

Our workshops designed for kids aged 5-8 are increasingly popular. At Family Workshops kids learn along with their parents and guardians – Together they conduct experiments, test things and seek answers to tough questions.

They find answers to many riddles along the course of the workshop. Where does electricity come from? How exactly does a CD contain music? Why does it seem that wind blows whenever it wants? Those are but a few mysteries you can unravel at the workshops.

Once a course ends, the participants are free to take home our brochures. They contain information additional to what’s been said at the workshops and enable you to conduct similar experiments back home.

The workshops are conducted only in polish language.

Tickets can be bought on-line through this link (only in Polish, mind you) 

Project supervisor
tel. 22 596 42 13


10.30 - 12.00
13.00 - 14.30

Ticket price

30 zł

(one child + one or two guardians)