Workshops with education packet

Copernicus Science Centre has prepared education packets (a.k.a. boxes) enhancing education on various levels. Those are designer education programmes, containing materials and scenarios for conducting experiments.

A typical packet consists of several elements, which you can combine freely. With them, you can conduct experiments, make educational displays or courses revolving not only around natural science, but also humanistic aspect of scientific research. Activities provided by a packet are usually linked to a common theme or idea. So far, we have prepared such packets ourselves („Biotechnology” box), but also in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment („Climatic box”) and Warsaw Education Bureau („Lessons by Marie Skłodowska-Curie”). In 2013, in cooperation with RWE Foundation, we have created the „Power Box”, dedicated to the problem of energy.

The target of our boxes are students of course, but the direct beneficients are teachers from the school we’ve sent the box to. It is designed, so that teachers of different subjects may use it, not only in biology, physics or chemistry, but also maths or history. It helps to introduce the main theme of a box on different lessons, with a longer course of study in mind (e.g. one semester) which can influence the effects of education to a great degree.

Workshops held by Copernicus are an integral part of the packet. Participants not only get to know the contents of a box, or conduct experiments, but also come up with their own ideas of using the packet during lessons.