Workshops at the exhibitions

At Copernicus Science Centre music accompanies biology, and maths go together fine with architecture. Science plunges into the sphere of emotions, and sometimes even we are becoming test and observation subjects ourselves.

The plethora of different exhibits in a space of thousand metres square is enough to make you feel dizzy. How to fully use the CSC potential in your work? These workshops are a perfect chance for teachers to develop a plan for their upcoming lesson at Copernicus. We’re open to your propositions and encourage cooperation.
Workshops are a form of a clash between school reality and the world of Copernicus, a mix of formal education and after-school activities. Along the course of these workshops we discuss, how to use the potential of our exhibitions regarding a given lesson subject or education level. We try to come up with new ideas about a thematical plan for visiting the Centre with our exhibits’ features in mind. The outcome of these meetings should be the creation of new education tools - scenarios and teaching schemes

Send all your questions, ideas and suggestions regarding Workshops at the Exhibitions to: