In Copernicus, we strongly believe that understanding of nature, based on experiencing science and art, helps to solve problems of the world. We have introduced corporate vouchers to Copernicus Science Centre and the Planetarium to our offer, thinking about companies that value engagement and responsibility for the environment within which they function. Our special corporate offer is for you!

Benefits of the corporate offer

The Copernicus Science Centre corporate offer can become an element of your operations within a socially responsible business model, and help you to build relationships with your employees or contractors. Corporate offer vouchers are cheaper than regular tickets sold in Copernicus cash desks. If you choose combined ticket packages (see: Offer details), the price will be even lower. Vouchers aren't prescribed to specific dates – one can use them within 12 months of issue, depending on your individual business needs.

Corporate offer details

All vouchers offered are valid for 12 months since the issue date. A minimal purchase number is 50. Vouchers are delivered as codes that allow to collect tickets at Copernicus Science Centre's cash desks:

  • Exhibition vouchers
  • Planetarium vouchers
  • combined Exhibition and Planetarium voucers

You're welcome to contact us
e-mail: info@kopernik.org.pl