The experts' voices

Festiwal Przemiany 2020 - eksperci

The experts' voices is a series of short talks by experts that relate to topics from the borderline of science, medicine, technology, design, and art. The ongoing media discussions about coronavirus are suffused with statistics and limited to a short term perspective. Which is why we will try to dig deeper. We will explore, above all, the humanistic and social dimensions of the pandemic. We will take a closer look at healthcare – how it passes the test of community, what is the role of experts, what are the possibilities of making prognoses. We will wonder how not to get completely dominated by new technologies while the digital world is becoming a substitute for face-to-face contacts during the lockdown isolation. Maybe it is art that will help us adjust to the unreal dailiness of epidemic? So, we will find out what artists that combine art with science – e.g. the bioart creators for whom pandemic props, such as masks, gloves, bacteria or viruses, have already became tools of artistic expression – have to say about the coronavirus.


6.09, godz. 19.00
19.09, godz. 19.00
28.09, godz. 19.00
7.10, godz. 19.00
8.10, godz. 19.00

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Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Narodowego Centrum Kultury w ramach Programu „Kultura w sieci”.