Opening lecture

Year zero. Your move

The global experience of the coronavirus epidemic forces us to search for out-of-the-box solutions to function efficiently in such a different reality. But the search isn't over. The post-epidemic situation will prove to be a yet another big change, requiring completely new ways of acting. But how do we search effectively? Our lecturer, Kacper Nosarzewski, suggests that we should leave the beaten tracks of thinking. He wants to change our vision of the future and sensitise us to changes – especially the unexpected ones.

Thanks to the interactive formula of the lecture, the listeners will have to decide for themselves which solutions are the most desirable when it comes to the post-epidemic changes. The dilemmas are difficult, as we are unsure of our choices. But we have to face them if we want to influence our future. Structured question sequences, that will show up during the lecture, will become a socratic incentive to explore the future, look for innovations, and discover new fields of dialogue.

Kacper Nosarzewski's lecture will shine a light on the issues that the pandemic has highlighted or intensified. We will look into the plans to introduce a basic income for everybody. We will try to understand how states and corporations invade our privacy. We will oppose different kinds of media persuasions and manipulations which we are exposed to everyday, and which we are more likely to succumb to because of the pandemic related fears.

Festiwal Przemiany 2020 - wykład otwarcia
Kacper Nosarzewski

Partner in a foresight company, 4CF, and member of the Polish Society for Future Studies board. Graduate of the University of Warsaw, and alumnus of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Programme. In the foresight field, he consults strategic international organisations, i.e. UNESCO, UNDP, as well as NGOs and companies. Nosarzewski is on the experts list of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology. He consults NATO, and he is the author of methodology and foresight projects facilitator for the Polish and Dutch Foreign Affair Ministries. He has conducted workshops, lectures, and presentations for governmental bodies, and institutions around the world, in the sectors of energy, reinforcement, cosmetics, agri-food, or non-government. Nosarzewski teaches strategic foresight at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia and AGH postgraduate studies. Member of Association of Professional Futurists (USA) and World Future Society.

Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Narodowego Centrum Kultury w ramach Programu „Kultura w sieci”.