A shot of inspiration

Shots of inspirations are short audiovisual materials from the borderline of performance and dynamic lecture. They combine science with art in order to engage viewers in crucial, although complex, topics.

Festiwal Przemiany 2020 - szoty inspiracji

Przemiany Festival experts will relate to current problems of social, psychological, or ethical nature, by bringing up observations, theories, and examples. All of the above will serve the purpose of inspiring reflections about the post-pandemic world, triggering imagination, consolidating the very welcome changes in thinking, provoking re-evaluation, motivating, and emphasising the perspective of individual agency.


14.09, godz. 19.00
21.09, godz. 19.00


Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Narodowego Centrum Kultury w ramach Programu „Kultura w sieci”.