Festiwal Przemiany | 7-9 października 2022


Both lectures will be available in Polish and English language versions.

Grow Your Own City – opening lecture

The opening lecture of 12. Przemiany Festival will be delivered by a true pioneer of sustainable architecture. Thomas Rau, a world renowned architect, entrepreneur and innovator, has been proving for years that our decisions and actions must be determined not by what is considered possible or culturally acceptable now, but by what is necessary for the future.

  • What: a lecture by Thomas Rau
  • When:  07.10.2022, 7 p.m.
  • Where: Conference centre, level 0 (auditorium)

The demands of sustainability and the circular economy have been present in public debate for many years. But how do we ensure that they are successfully implemented? In his lecture, inaugurating The Przemiany Festival, Mr Rau will present his vision of the future of cities, backed up by many years of experience. He will talk about how to design and build our cities so that they can grow and transform over time to match the natural world. Will the metaphor of 'growing' cities allow us to change our approach to contemporary urbanism? Will we finally be able to start designing sustainable ecosystems instead of building homes with only our species in mind?

Thomas Rau is promoting the use of renewable energy in the built environment and seeks to address the increasing worldwide resource scarcity. Putting words into action, RAU Architects have been on the forefront of designing environmentally conscious buildings and healthy indoor climates such as: headquarters of the World Wildlife Fund in Zeist (the first CO2 neutral and self-sufficient office building in the Netherlands), the energy-producing school building in Eindhoven or Triodos Bank headquarters in Reehorst, Zeist (the first circular fully remountable office building in wood, awarded with several prizes).

The Architecture of Immunity. Learning from Social Insects
How to create responsive and sustainable systems?

Jak projektować responsywne i zrównoważone systemy?

  • What: Dr. Matthew Lutz’s lecture
  • When: 09.10.2022, 4:30 p.m.
  • Where: Conference centre, level 1 (Przemiany Experimentarium)

Social insects such as ants or termites can be called architects who create collective structures, which bring benefits to the whole group. Their activity is a result of how individuals react to rather simple information received from the local environment. Dr Matthew Lutz will talk about collective research on the collective behaviour of social insects and their „self-organised” architecture.

We will meet army ants from Panama, which, by wandering, create living architectural structures from their bodies (so-called bridges and scaffoldings), making it easier to move. We will also stop by Australia and look inside termite nests. Their structure enables carrying out complicated adaptive processes, such as thermoregulation and gas exchange, which help the colonies in surviving extreme conditions. Thanks to CT scans, we are able to reconstruct the geometry of termite nests samples, compare them, and look for connections between their shape and the working of climate and the environment.

Studying social insects can help us with planning a more sustainable and responsive to climate changes architecture for humans, as well as with programming robots and systems for living in extreme environments such as deserts, or even the surface of Mars.