“Lates” 18+

After the usual visiting hours Copernicus is open at night for adults only. The Copernicus theme evenings are organized in co-operation with Samsung - the strategic sponsor for Copernicus Science Centre.

Visit us on given Thursdays once a month. Every evening is a special event. Each has a different main theme. All of them offer entertainment, interesting programme and innovative approach to science. We have ideas suitable both for fans of humanities and exact sciences. Everything is close to real life and up-to-date. Apart from visiting our galleries, we offer additional activities: workshops, movie screenings, shows, games, lectures, meetings with experts, concerts and alcohol beverages.
Every evening consists of 10-30-minute interactive entertainment activities, happening simultaneously in different parts of the Centre. The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium also has a different schedule: you will see live sky displays, centered around the theme of the evening.

Lates +18 in 2021

Participation in the Online Adult Evening is free, but we would be grateful if you donate to our fundraiser. Every amount is important to us!

Archive of the evenings from 2020

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