Companies that would like to sponsor the Copernicus Science Centre or make a donation, or see possibilities for cooperation, are welcome to contact us.

We are a modern institution operating in the field of education, which wants to inspire experimenting, understanding the world, and acting responsibly.

Copernicus is the largest science centre in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe. Although we are among the youngest in the big family of science centres, we managed to rank among the top of those considered to be the most interesting and innovative in the world. The fundamental need to create this type of institutions, and the enormous development aspirations inherent in our society, can be proved by our attendance success. Every year we are visited by over 1 million people. Cooperating with us ensures a wide reach to various groups of stakeholders both within Poland and abroad.

Our Visitors are curious about the world, they want to learn, experiment, and explore. And we encourage them to be active and discover for themselves. For many, Copernicus is a 'science playground'. And that's good, we like fun. We know, however, that what we offer our audience is much more than just fun. Our exhibitions, educational programs, workshops, and all other activities have a very important goal – to help young people develop competences that will enable them to function in the world of the future. And that is why we try to make this process fun, and to make exploring and discovering as enjoyable as possible.

What will this world be like? We don't know. However, we are aware that while preparing for the unknown, the next generations must develop the competences of the future. Today, the ability to cooperate and trust, a sense of agency, (co-) responsibility, readiness to co-create the future and the accompanying creative and critical thinking are already becoming increasingly necessary. The tools for co-creation understood in this way are provided by science.

If your vision is consistent with ours, we invite you to act together. Write to us and we will present you with the details of our offer.