Instead of waiting for what the future holds, start building it! How to start? For example – by supporting our activities. With your contribution, we will expand the range of our activities, develop new educational tools, improve exhibitions, increase the workshop and training offer, prepare new scenarios for lab classes, and equip our spaces with additional devices that enable interesting experiments and observations.

You can choose what to support: implementation of an interesting project or construction of a new exhibit. The choice is yours!

In a world full of fake news and pseudoscience, our particular task is to enable the public to have personal contact with experts, and to familiarise them with the essence of the scientific method and the nature of research work. At Copernicus, we not only show how scientists work, but also provide our recipients with an opportunity to play their role. Science is developing very dynamically, and so is technology. In order to bring our Visitors closer to the most important achievements of inventors and scientists, we need various accessories, devices, and materials. Thanks to those, we are able to capture and present fleeting but fascinating phenomena, as well as enable others to study them on their own. We have plenty of ideas! We are only limited by costs.