Can I pay with tourist vouchers?

Unfortunately, we do not accept tourist vouchers.

Are there tickets available for today/tomorrow? Can I purchase tickets at the cash desks? It's best to purchase tickets in advance, via our website We offer all available tickets on the website, so if there aren't any available, the cash desk also will not have them.

In the top, right corner of this page, you can check the tickets availability both for the Exhibitions, and the Planetarium.

Can I return/rebook my ticket?

No, you cannot move your visit to another date. You can make a return and buy tickets for the new date. See the rules for Returns.

What is best to see with children below 6?

For our youngest Visitors, we have a special exhibition called Buzzz!, and dedicated shows in the Planetarium, e.g.. One World, One Sky, or Polaris.

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Should I get a ticket for a toddler?

All children below 2 years of age can enter Copernicus for free – you do not need to purchase a ticket.

Is Copernicus open?

Yes, we are open. You can check the opening hours of the Exhibitions and the Planetarium here.

I cannot log in the system. What should I do?

First, you should manually reset your password, and if that doesn't help, please contact us at and we will gladly reactivate your account.

I work at Samsung. Can I come?

Yes, all Samsung employees can enter the Exhibitions, but it is only possible if the Visitor limit inside the building was not reached. You might need to wait a little, until a few Visitors leave.

Any more questions? See if you can find the answer below, or contact us at

Any more questions?

See if you can find the answer below, or contact us at