IX YEC (Young Explorer’s Club) Forum


This year's Forum takes place during a pandemic. A reality that vividly illustrated how changeable and uncertain the world can be. We felt it strongly in the area of ​​education - social isolation, closing schools or significantly limiting their functioning, and suspension of extracurricular activities. Before our eyes, the digitization process accelerated and technology suddenly became part of lessons. It was inevitable. We knew that we would be heading in this direction in the future, but we did not expect the future to come so soon. This acceleration may be worrying, we are entering areas that have not been fully explored, but at the same time we have received new tools, we are developing new ways of operating, and all this is an opportunity for change - a well-thought-out, actual change in functioning. We can create a new education. Education preparing for life in the world of the future.

KMO ma już 18 lat!

Crisis resilience

In the 2020 report of the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration entitled "Beyond the horizon. Towards education" (Polish: "Poza horyzont. Kurs na edukację"), Professor Jerzy Hausner says that the best way to function in an uncertain world is to have systems and individuals that are resilient to crises. The covid-19 pandemic is such a crisis, and the Young Explorer's Club programme is such a system. YEC has been around for 18 years, and not only is it doing well but continues to grow. For years, it has been arousing curiosity, helping discover and understand the world around us, and building trust in the world of science. The programme's sustainability is built on two pillars: relationships - across the YES community, at the regional, national and international levels; and within the scientific context - members of the YEC learn using methods and tools used in science, including making hypotheses, observing, experimenting, and verifying theories.

Forum during the pandemic

This year's Forum is unique as we are celebrating the 18th anniversary of the programme. For the first time, the Forum is held exclusively online, via Zoom, which makes it impossible for us to meet in person, but at the same time allows us to invite a large number of participants because everyone can take part online: all YEC mentors, club members and institutional partners. This is the first time the Forum will be this international, as there will be YEC representatives from Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Ethiopia, and the conference will be translated into 4 languages. We will all be together, because TOGETHER is the motto of this year's YEC Forum.

We are TOGETHER (although on-line and in different countries).
We learn and grow TOGETHER.
Together we celebrate 18 years of YEC.

Learning and building relationships - new online formats

Coffee breaks and mingling are just as important as lectures, workshops and panels. And no wonder, as at YEC we are united by an idea, but also by our relations with each other. It is very important to be TOGETHER. This year, although online, we will also focus on this part of the conference. This is why we will turn the waiting room on the Zoom internet platform into a CAFÉ. We will be there 15 minutes before the start of most events, just to talk, exchange experiences, and relax together. We are also planning some small surprises!

To get to know each other better, we suggest using online business cards. We will present the business cards before the workshops on 28 November. We will see what everyone is proud of and maybe already start planning to do something TOGETHER.

Schedule of events at the IX YEC Forum