Przemiany Festival 2021

Artist Talk

We wish to invite you to a meeting with Oliver Ressler (Austria), Gottfried Haider (Austria), Magdalena Mosiejuk (Poland), and Helena Maciukiewicz (Poland) – the artists awarded in the Open Call contest for artistic projects, organised by the Austrian Cultural Forum and Copernicus Science Centre.


In the Open Call, the jury has given separate awards to artists from Poland and from Austria. The first places were won by projects Reclaiming Abundance by Olivier Ressler, and #Gardenfit by Magdalena Mosiejuk. The second prizes went to Things of Internet by Helena Maciukiewicz, and Amazon Air by Gottfried Haider. The projects were awarded for dealing with strategies of overcoming the climate crisis, and with chances for lasting socio-cultural change.

A meeting at the residence of Austrian Cultural Forum, Próżna St., will be preceded by a presentation of the pieces within Przemiany Festival in Copernicus Science Centre. Artist Talk will be a chance to present the projects, to take a closer look at the artistic techniques of awarded artists, and to chat about the issues touched upon in the awarded projects. We want to talk about what is the role of art in causing long lasting change. Can art become an artistic bridge between science and engineering facts, and emotions – connect information with inspiration, and the environmental perspective with a social one.


  • Oliver Ressler, Gottfried Haider
  • Magdalena Mojsiejuk, Helena Maciukiewicz


  • Stanisław Welbel (AFK)