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Copernicus is a team of open-minded people with diverse passions and interests, who are curious about the world, and ready for unconventional challenges. We value candidates who are critical, courageous, and willing to undertake experimental actions. Join us!

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How does the hiring process look in Copernicus?



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1. Applying process

Read the job advertisement carefully to see if your qualifications and experience are in line with our expectations. Consider whether the new job will motivate you and inspire you to develop further.

In your resume, include information to show us why you will be an asset to the office you're applying for. Don't forget to highlight your achievements. Note the application deadline.

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2. Verification of received applications

We analyse every received application in terms of matching the profile of the job for which we are currently hiring.

If your competences and qualifications meet our requirements, we will contact you by phone to arrange a convenient interview date.

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3. The interview

We want to get to know you, therefore we approach each conversation individually. We pay attention to education, professional experience, and competences. You might also be asked to take a short test or complete a task related to your future work. Meetings typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

During the interview, you will get the most important information about the employment, and we will also answer your questions.

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4. Final steps

Regardless of our decision, every person we interview will be informed of the results of the recruitment process.

If we decide to offer you the job at Copernicus Science Center, we will do it by phone. Then, we will also inform you about all formalities necessary to start working.

Copernicus Science Centre is:

  • a kingdom of experimentation – there are hundreds of engaging exhibits here. They allow you to conduct independent experiences, which helps with understanding even the most complex phenomena;

  • adventures and great fun – everyone who dares to experiment a little will learn that science is a gripping and fascinating adventure. The age doesn't matter – we provide for all age groups;

  • a magnetic place – experimenting in Copernicus pulls you in for long hours and stimulates many returns;

as well as:

  • a theatre in which the actors are robots;
  • High Voltage Theatre,
  • Discovery Park,
  • a unique rooftop garden with a view,
  • one of the most modern planetariums in the world,
  • a conference centre.