With students in Copernicus

The Copernicus Science Centre inspires you to observe, experience, ask questions and look for answers. Learning at the Copernicus is supported by various educational spaces, and cooperation with the educational environment is our priority. We create our offer for our visitors. We encourage you to take advantage of it, visit the Copernicus and the planetarium, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Educational programs and projects

Cooperation with the educational community is our priority. We invite you to get to know the programs and projects which we partake in.

Copernicus in the field

Invite Copernicus to your school! As part of the Science for You project, carried out by the Copernicus Science Centre together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we reach places where one does not often learn the laws of science through independent experimentation.

E-Copernicus for teachers

Are you out of ideas for how to teach online classes? Check out our digital resources and get inspired! The materials are only available in Polish.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced new challenges upon us. In order to help, we publish our educational materials, which promote engaging forms of teaching and work with testing methods.

Check it out!