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multimedia shows
Straight from the Sky
Do you have questions regarding space? At the “Straight from the Sky” lectures in our Planetarium, you will meet scientists and learn about the newest developments in science, cosmic research, and space oddities.
Odkrywa Samsung
Lates 18+
After the usual visiting hours Copernicus is open at night for adults only. The Copernicus theme evenings are organized in co-operation with Samsung - the strategic sponsor for Copernicus Science Centre.
pokaz laserowy
Cybershow 2517
Poczuj klimat laserów, syntezatorów i gier wideo. Zobacz na własne oczy miasto przyszłości zamieszkałe przez ludzi i roboty. Przeżyj przygodę niczym z powieści Stanisława Lema.
Galaktyka kobiet
ESERO Poland
Women's galaxy
2rd December, 6PM
We invite you to the next edition of the Women's Galaxy event, this time – online. We will meet on the 3rd and 10th December, 6PM, to talk to experts from the cosmic world.