Science, but different. One-time and cyclical events. Get carried away by science. Let's have fun, together!
Raz w miesiącu Kopernik jest otwarty tylko dla dorosłych
“Lates” 18+
After the usual visiting hours Copernicus is open at night for adults only. The Copernicus theme evenings are organized in co-operation with Samsung - the strategic sponsor for Copernicus Science Centre.
Prosto z nieba - spotkania z naukowcami
multimedia shows
Straight from the Sky
Do you have questions regarding space? At the “Straight from the Sky” lectures in our Planetarium, you will meet scientists and learn about the newest developments in science, cosmic research, and space oddities.
FameLab w Koperniku
FameLab is a competition for physicists, engineers, biotechnologists and other scientists carrying out research in exact science, natural science, medicine, agriculture or engineering.
Festiwal Przemiany
Przemiany Festival
Przemiany is a festival encouraging a critical reflection on the changes happening around us. Science and technology, presented in a credible way, are always part of the festival.
Konferencja Pokazać-Przekazać dla nauczycieli w Koperniku
Lay out – Let out
Teachers, researchers, educators, students – in short, all people involved in the development of education – meet every year at the Lay out – Let out conference at the Copernicus Science Centre.
Konferencja Przygody Umysłu w Koperniku
Learning Adventures
The contemporary world is torn between trust in the power of objects, and the everyday reality in which scrolling a touchscreen gives us a sense of agency.