In “Education”, you will find informations about our offer for different age groups and new attractions available in Copernicus next semester.

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What to see in Copernicus:

Użyj strzałek do przechodzenia między zakładkami

Ticket to the Copernicus Science Centre is bought for a particular hour, but there is no time limit for the visit. You can enter the Centre 30 minutes before the hour for which the ticket was purchased, and no later than 60 minutes after it. The average visit duration is 3 hours.

The exhibition space at Copernicus has been divided into two floors, where you will find 6 thematic exhibitions with 400 interactive exhibits, two theatres — Robotic Theatre and High Voltage Theatre — and Thinkatorium. You will also find some temporary exhibitions.
There are no visiting paths or traditional guides in our Centre, but we have plenty of Explainers (who wear red t-shirts) always ready to help and answer all your questions. Remember that due to introduction of e-tickets with QR codes, you can enter the Copernicus Science Centre only once during one visit – once you exit, re-entering the Centre in not possible.   

More about our exibitions.

Apart from the exhibitions, you can visit the Planetarium. Its wide offer of films and shows provides something interesting for children and adults of all ages. All films in the planetarium can be watched in English. To receive your English language version, you can rent a relevant headset in the ticket office before the screening provided you show your ID with a photograph.

Most of the screenings are divided into two parts:
 * Live Sky Show presented in Polish only,
 * Film in the Polish or English language version.

Holders of combined tickets (bought in one transaction) to the Copernicus exhibitions and to the Planetarium are entitled to enter twice (go to the Planetarium and come back to the exhibitions). The Planetarium is for children aged 3 and over.


Garden on the rooftop

The green area on the rooftop of the Copernicus Science Centre (entered through a ramp from the southern part of the building).

More about our garden

Purchase of tickets and other useful information

Użyj strzałek do przechodzenia między zakładkami

Tickets to the Copernicus Science Centre can be purchased on-line via Internet, at, or reserved via phone call (our infoline number is: 22 596 41 00 – Call us between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Monday-Friday). We don’t sell group tickets at the ticket office.

Tickets can be booked also for earlier dates.

Reservation opening date

Reservation opening date Term of reservation
14.03.2023 29.05-4.06.2023
21.03.2023 5-11.06.2023
28.03.2023 12-18.06.2023
4.04.2023 19-25.06.2023
11.04.2023 26.06-2.07.2023
18.04.2023 3-9.07.2023
25.04.2023 10-16.07.2023
2.05.2023 17-23.07.2023
9.05.2023 24-30.07.2023
16.05.2023 31.07-6.08.2023
23.05.2023 7-13.08.2023
30.05.2023 14-20.08.2023
6.06.2023 21-27.08.2023
13.06.2023 28.08-3.09.2023
20.06.2023 4-10.09.2023
27.06.2023 11-17.09.2023
4.07.2023 18-24.09.2023
11.07.2023 25.09-1.10.2023
18.07.2023 2-8.10.2023

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Internet Reservations
In our on-line ticket sales system at payment is made in the end, after choosing tickets, via PayU.

Phone Call Reservations at 22 596 41 00
Infoline is available from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
You should pay for the booked tickets within 7 days since reservation.
Payments are received at the ticket booths or via bank transfer.

Reservations, which were not paid for are cancelled
If you are making reservations with 4 days advance or less, you should pay at the ticket booths, no later than 30 minutes before the reserved entry hour.