Copernican Revolution Lab, or a centre for educational innovations

Learning is propelled by curiosity, by our need of cognition. They constantly motivate us to develop our knowledge and gain new experiences. In Copernicus, we utilize both curiosity, and the need for learning about the world. We create exhibits and educational programmes, which engage people of all ages, personal circumstances, and on all levels of professional careers. And they come here to experiment, because they are curious about what can happen, for how long, and what it depends on. Every year, a million people learn this way with us – at their own will!

We keep deepening our experiences, drawing inspiration from the achievements of science and technology, and benefitting from our social relationships. We’re growing! Currently, we are building a research and development centre, focusing on educational innovations, right next to the Copernicus main building.

Inside the new building, from the ground to the second floor, we will be occupied by creating: exhibits, educational sets, workshop scripts, and knowledge regarding competence development. Here, we will combine our expertise in learning with our passion for world explorations, and we will process them into new products which will help others to experience, get to know, understand.

A part of CRL will be put in our Exhibitions area, i.e. among the exhibits. Soon, a new space for research stations will appear in a marked spot. At the first glance, they might look like exhibits, however, being equipped with sensor system, they will allow us to collect data on how do people of different ages, genders, and other traits learn. This data – together with other pieces of data, coming from our research on competence development, which we conduct at the Exhibitions, and during school classes, online classes, and homework – fuels our work on new products.

The new building will be a space of cooperation between researchers, educators, scientists, engineers and experts, working on the social engagement of science. In Copernicus, we have been using work methods and experiences from different sectors to create our educational sets and exhibits. We are hoping that soon enough, new people and new companies will join the table, and the resulting cooperations will open us up for ideas and challenges ahead.

The task “Building of Copernican Revolution Lab, included in the expansion of the Copernicus Science Centre” is co-financed by the funds of the Capital City of Warsaw – Specific Subsidy Contract from the Funds of the Capital City of Warsaw no. C/OM/VII/P3/99/U-263/2018-2021, from 31st October 2018. The amount of funding: 27 690 101,00 PLN

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