We make every effort to ensure that our building and offer are available to all interested in visiting.

Information for persons with physical disability

The building is equipped with lifts, platforms, and bathrooms that accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.

In front of the building, there are ramps allowing unhampered access to the Centre.

The projection room is on the 1st floor, and the bathroom on -1, but you can easily get there using a lift.

In the Planetarium screening room we have prepared a place for persons on wheelchairs.

In the Planetarium, there is an open exhibition "Look: There's the Earth", which talks about Earth research as it is conducted from outer space. Some of the exhibits are wheelchair accessible.

Information for people with visual impairments

Visually impaired people are welcome to watch three films with audio description. They are: Earth, Moon, Sun, Black Holes, and Dream To Fly. Headphones can be rented at the ticket office, by paying a deposit of PLN 300 or by presenting an ID card.

The Copernicus Science Center is a partner of the campaign for the accessibility of services for people with disabilities.