Ze względu na remont nieczynne będą:
● wystawa „Bzzz!”, Teatr Robotyczny, Laboratoria — od 1 sierpnia;
● Planetarium i wystawa „Patrz: Ziemia” — od 19 sierpnia;
● całe Wystawy — od 1 września.

Copernicus Science Centre
ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20,
00-390 Warszawa

GPS: N 52° 14’ 30.6”, E 21° 1’ 43.1”

How to get there by bus or metro line?

ZTM route planner  

You can reach Copernicus Science Centre with: 
M2 metro line - "Centrum Nauki Kopernik" station 

and the following bus lines: 
106, 118, 127 - "Biblioteka Uniwersytecka" bus stop 

185 - "Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernik" bus stop (in tunnel)
162 - "Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernik"

You can reach the Centre directly from the Central Railway Station using bus line 127.

A single standard fare ticket costs 4,40 zł, 2,20 zł for reduced fare ticket. Check ticket prices on ZTM website

Where to park my car?

Where to park my car?

You can leave your car in the underground car park under the Kopernik building, from Monday to Sunday between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.
The parking charge for each commenced hour is PLN 6. The pricelist and parking regulations can be found before entering the car park. The car park is for cars only (up to 190 cm in height).   
PLEASE NOTE: payment temporarily by card only. 

You can also park your car in front of the Copernicus Science Zone, in the paid parking zone, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can park there free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: payment temporarily by card only. 

Where to park my coach?

Where to park my coach?

Nor in the municipal parking zone around the Copernicus Science Centre, neither in the Copernicus car park there are no coaches parking places. Buses can stay along Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie street, in front of the Copernicus Science Centre, up to 15 minutes, exclusively while delivering or collecting groups. We kindly ask all groups travelling by coach to respect this rule, since blocking the parking lot makes it difficult for other groups to reach the Copernicus Science Centre safely. For longer stays, please use the city’s car parks designed specifically for them.

See their full list here

Zobacz dojście do Planetarium
Individual visitors

How to buy tickets?

You can purchase individual tickets to the Copernicus Science Centre and planetarium online at bilety.kopernik.org.pl (1.5 hours before the planned visit at the latest) or on presale for a specific date at the ticket offices (we sell tickets around 4 months in advance). On the day of your visit only tickets that have not been sold on-line can be purchased at the ticket offices. The fact that tickets are not available on-line means that that you will not be able to buy them at the venue, either.

We encourage you to plan your visit ahead and buy tickets on-line or on presale at the ticket offices. This way you can avoid unnecessary waiting and disappointment, which might happen when you find out that all the tickets have already been sold out for that day at the ticket office.

Your tickets and confirmation can be found in the "My account” tab on the bilety.kopernik.org.pl website.

How to pay?

In the online sales system, payment is made at the end of ticket selection process through the Przelewy24 payment operator and banks working 24 hours a day – you may not pay for your tickets via a wire transfer.

The list of banks handling such payments include, but is not limited: Alior, Bank Nowy, Banki spółdzielcze, BNS Paribas, BOŚ Bank, Citi Handlowy, Credit Agricole, Getin Bank, ING, inteligo (PKO BP), iPKO, mBank, Millenium Bank, Nest Bank, Noble Bank, Pekao, Plus Bank, Pocztowy24, Santander. You can also pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card.
You have 15 minutes to complete the payment after selecting your tickets.

You can also pay for your tickets using BLIK on your phone at the ticket offices in the Centre. If your payment card is denominated in a currency other than PLN, you can use DCC to find out the exchange rate that will be used for the transaction. All transactions are covered by the Best Exchange Rate Guarantee Programme.

Group visits

How to book and buy tickets?

Tickets to the Copernicus Science Centre can be purchased on-line via Internet, at bilety.kopernik.org.pl, or reserved via phone call (our infoline number is: 22 596 41 00 – Call us between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Monday-Friday). We don’t sell group tickets at the ticket office.

Tickets can be booked also for earlier dates.

How to pay?

Internet Reservations
In our on-line ticket sales system at bilety.kopernik.org.pl/en payment is made in the end, after choosing tickets, via Przelewy24.

Banks, through which you can pay are: Alior, Bank Nowy, Banki spółdzielcze, BNS Paribas, BOŚ Bank, Citi Handlowy, Credit Agricole, Getin Bank, ING, inteligo (PKO BP), iPKO, mBank, Millenium Bank, Nest Bank, Noble Bank, Pekao, Plus Bank, Pocztowy24, Santander.
We also accept payment by Visa and Master Card.
You have 15 minutes between choosing tickets and making payment. Once that time elapses, the tickets go back to the pool.

Phone Call Reservations at 22 596 41 00
Infoline is available from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
You should pay for the booked tickets within 7 days since reservation.
Payments are received at the ticket booths or via bank transfer.

Transfer data:
Centrum Nauki Kopernik
Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20
00-390 Warszawa

Alior Bank S.A., account n. : 86 2490 0005 0000 4600 9724 4482
Use your name and reservation number is the transfer title.
IBAN: PL86 2490 0005 0000 4600 9724 4482

Reservations, which were not paid for are cancelled
If you are making reservations with 4 days advance or less, you should pay at the ticket booths, no later than 30 minutes before the reserved entry hour. 

Tickets with a QR code

Once the online transaction has been completed correctly, the ticket (or tickets) will be sent to your e-mail address.

You can print your ticket at home before your visit or at the ticket office based on the transaction number. You can also come through the gates with your ticket displayed on your smartphone screen.

Each ticket has a QR code with all details of the tour.

To leave the Copernicus Science Centre, you will also need to show the QR code to the reader on the gate.

An electronic ticket will open the entrance gates to the Copernicus Science Centre 30 minutes before and up to 60 minutes after the scheduled admission time. After this time, the tickets are forfeited and may not be refunded. Please arrive at the planetarium and laboratories 10 minutes before the start of workshops and screenings.

Rules of admission

A ticket to the Copernicus exhibitions entitles you to one-time entry to the exhibition area. It means that after leaving this area through the gates, you won’t be able to return. In order to enter and to exit the Copernicus exhibition area, you need the gate reader to read the ticket QR code.

Group tickets combining a visit to the Exhibitions with a visit to the Planetarium / with a visit to the laboratories (workshops in the laboratories are conducted only in Polish)entitle you to enter the exhibition area twice. 
Membership in the Membership entitles you to enter the exhibition area two times. 

We welcome you to the building without pets. The only exceptions are guide dogs and assistance dogs.

How long does it take to see everything?

At Copernicus, within the exhibition area, there are over 400 exhibits. You need about 5 hours to see them all, but it can be done within 3 hours.

The ticket to the exhibitions allows the groups also to see shows at the Robotic Theatre and at the High Voltage Theatre (shows are conducted only in Polish and last around 20 min).

Additionally, with separate tickets, the groups can attend our laboratories (workshops in the laboratories are conducted only in Polish and last 2 h) or see a show at the Planetarium (45–50 min).

Entrance to Planetarium

A separate, river facing entrance leads to the Planetarium building.  Upon entering the projection room, present your ticket to our Explainer. 

You will not be allowed in after the start of the show. It's best to show up 10 minutes early. We will not accept a ticket return or exchange if you are late. Being early also gives you a chance to see the Look: There's the Earth! exhibition in the Planetarium.  

Are there guides at Copernicus?

There are no guides at Copernicus and you set the visiting route yourself. However, there are explainers, dressed in red shirts, at the exhibitions, who know everything about the exhibits. They explain the way each device works and tell you about the phenomena, that these exhibits represent.

Find out more about how to visit Copernicus.

Eating and drinking

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in accordance with the regulations of the Council of Ministers, all gastronomic services are closed, including the bistro and the cafes in Copernicus.

Please be reminded that eating or drinking in the CSC exhibition space is not allowed except for the place provided, i.e. the Leisure Zone, where you can eat your own food or buy some snacks and drinks.


The store is located behind the entrance gates, in the ticketed zone, near the Foucault pendulum. Store is opened durring the Copernicus Science Centre openinig hours.

Science store offers products associated with science, mind training and gaining knowledge. Among these you will find games, experiment sets and puzzles.


At the Copernicus Science Centre, in the exhibition space on the first floor, there are areas with benches (near the blue and orange pavilions) where you can rest and recharge before continuing your experiments.

During the warm season, we also open a terrace facing the Vistula River for our visitors.

Lost & Found at Copernicus

We store found personal belongings at the Centre up to 30 days. Things not retrieved by the owner until then will be sent to the Warsaw Lost & Found Office, 15 Dzielna st.

NOTICE - clothes found at the Centre will not be stored.

Ask at the ticket booths or the infoline for additional information about items found at the Centre (tel. 22 596 41 00). You can also contact us via Facebook.

Free Internet access

Thanks to Plus mobile network, a long-time Supporting Partner of the Copernicus Science Centre, starting from autumn 2017 our visitors can use free Wi-Fi both in the Centre and in the nearby Discovery Park.