Within the Planetarium productions studio, shows are created to be displayed on a hemisphere. Under the eyes of animators with many years of experience in film and special effects, we create unique film shows for our audience, and for planetariums around the world.

The first film created by our studio was Dream to Fly, which premiered in October 2013. The next – Hello Earth, which talks about communication. It premiered on 26th April 2017, and received one of the grand prizes at a planetary film festival, the Full-Dome Festival in Germany.

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Dream to Fly

It's a remarkable adventure with science and aviation history. You will discover the great mystery of flying with Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the Montgolfier and Wright brothers, and other aviation pioneers. The show talks about the pursuit of flying, and how it took us to space.

Duration: 35 minutes
Video format: 1K, 2K, 4K, 30 fps, fulldome, 3D stereo
Audio format: dolby digital 5.1
For children above 12 y/o
Premiere: October 2013
Languages available: English, Polish

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Laury dla filmu "Dream to fly"

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Film Halo Ziemia
Hello, Earth

This film will take you on a journey, during which you will see the important milestones in the history of communication. You will fly over the mythical tower of Babel, you will behold the first pictograms – the Lascaux paintings, you will visit Johannes Gutenberg...

Duration: 31 minutes
Video format: 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 30 fps, fulldome animation
Audio format: dolby digital 5.1
For children above 8 y/o
Premiere: 2017
Languages available: English, Polish

Halo Ziemia on FDDB

Laury dla filmu "Halo Ziemia"

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