A space for free exploration. Observe. Experiment. Construct. Arouse your curiosity!
Temporary exhibition
WE Play With YOU
from 28.04.2022 to 31.08.2023
What is water whispering about? How many tons hide inside a pot? Can a sound wave tickle? You will find out at our new musical exhibition!
Niebieskie tło a na nim żółte i niebieskie kule.
The Future Is Today
How to create an exhibition on something that is yet to happen? Or – is only just starting?
The Experimental Zone
The Experimental Zone is the main exhibition in Copernicus which occupies a huge open space. It is dedicated to nature with its phenomena, and to humans and our perception of the physical world.
< 5 y.o.
Jak wygląda świat oczami węża? Co kryje się we wnętrzu kalejdoskopu? Jak pachnie lis? Trzeba dotykać, wąchać, sprawdzać, burzyć i układać.
High Voltage Theatre
from 6 y.o.
Once you open the heavy, metal door of On The Move gallery, you’ll see Poland’s most electrifying theatre!
> 8 y.o.
In our Thinkatorium, you can build a flying machine, construct a catapult, or create any other incredible structure. Think outside the box, create freely – no instructions, no time pressure.
Robotic Theatre
The Robotic Acting School practitioners feel great in every repertoire. They display a passion for fairy tales, a bravado in interpreting the stories of Lem, an enthusiasm for mathematical tales.
Experimenting stations for individual visitors
from 9 y.o.
With some guidance from our explainers, you can single-handedly conduct interesting, or even mind-blowing, experiments...
Laboratoria dla grup
Group workshops
Group workshops in labs