A space for free exploration. Observe. Experiment. Construct. Arouse your curiosity!
All exhibitions included in one ticket!
Człowiek wpatrujący się w ścianę pełną obrazków w ramkach.
The Future Is Today
How to create an exhibition on something that is yet to happen? Or – is only just starting?
The Experimental Zone
The Experimental Zone is the main exhibition in Copernicus which occupies a huge open space. It is dedicated to nature with its phenomena, and to humans and our perception of the physical world.
< 5 y.o.
Jak wygląda świat oczami węża? Co kryje się we wnętrzu kalejdoskopu? Jak pachnie lis? Trzeba dotykać, wąchać, sprawdzać, burzyć i układać.
High Voltage Theatre
from 6 y.o.
Once you open the heavy, metal door of On The Move gallery, you’ll see Poland’s most electrifying theatre!
> 8 y.o.
In our Thinkatorium, you can build a flying machine, construct a catapult, or create any other incredible structure. Think outside the box, create freely – no instructions, no time pressure.
Laboratories for individual visitors
from 9 y.o.
We invite individual visitors to our laboratories - on weekends, holidays, and during vacations and breaks. We recommend it from the age of 9 onwards. Children who are 13 years old or older may enter without adult supervision.
Zdjęcia robota Mikołaja Kopernika na tle planszy z rozgwieżdżonym niebem
Copernicus, large as life
For all ages
He has the face of Nicolas Copernicus. He is tall (190 cm) and weighs 100 kg, although he doesn't look like it. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, he can talk about anything and deal with the most difficult questions. The most advanced humanoid robot in the world has appeared in Copernicus Science Centre!
Robotic Theatre
The Robotic Acting School practitioners feel great in every repertoire. They display a passion for fairy tales, a bravado in interpreting the stories of Lem, an enthusiasm for mathematical tales.
Classes for groups
Laboratoria dla grup
Group workshops
Group workshops in labs