A space for free exploration. Observe. Experiment. Construct. Arouse your curiosity!
Wystawa czasowa Rowery
Temporary exhibition
16 October 2020 – 31 January 2022
There was no such exhibition in Copernicus yet! It's made up of interactive exhibits, as well as a unique collection of two- and multi-wheelers, from the oldest, antique ones, to modern ones that use state-of-the-art technology and design. At the exhibition, you will get to see them up close, learn of their construction and story, and try some incredible models yourselves. You will learn how to ride a square-wheeled bike!
Strefa eksperymentowania
The Experimental Zone
The Experimental Zone is the main exhibition in Copernicus which occupies a huge open space. It is dedicated to nature with its phenomena, and to humans and our perception of the physical world.
> 8 y.o.
In our Thinkatorium, you can build a flying machine, construct a catapult, or create any other incredible structure. Think outside the box, create freely – no instructions, no time pressure.
wystawa Bzzz! dla najmłodszych
< 5 y.o.
Jak wygląda świat oczami węża? Co kryje się we wnętrzu kalejdoskopu? Jak pachnie lis? Trzeba dotykać, wąchać, sprawdzać, burzyć i układać.
Kopernik na Kółkach - eksperymentuj z nami
at exhibitions
Copernicus on Wheels
Build a simple musical instrument. Listen to the sounds that usually can't reach our ears. Give in to optical illusions.
Minilaboratoria w Koperniku
Experimenting stations for individual visitors
from 9 y.o.
With some guidance from our explainers, you can single-handedly conduct interesting, or even mind-blowing, experiments...
Teatr robotyczny
Robotic Theatre
The Robotic Acting School practitioners feel great in every repertoire. They display a passion for fairy tales, a bravado in interpreting the stories of Lem, an enthusiasm for mathematical tales.
Teatr Wysokich Napięć w Koperniku
High Voltage Theatre
from 6 y.o. Every day, from 11 am to 4 pm, entrance every hour
Once you open the heavy, metal door of On The Move gallery, you’ll see Poland’s most electrifying theatre!
Raz w miesiącu Kopernik jest otwarty tylko dla dorosłych
Lates 18+
After the usual visiting hours Copernicus is open at night for adults only. The Copernicus theme evenings are organized in co-operation with Samsung - the strategic sponsor for Copernicus Science Centre.