Guide to the new building

Our new B+R centre was designed to make it possible to conduct a full research and development cycle within – starting from the initial study on learning processes, all the way to creating educational products, ready for testing.

  • NO-TECH Workshop Modules

These spaces resemble typical classrooms. There, we will be able to study and test educational solutions, which will arise in order to be used in schools. Equipped with one-way mirrors and analytical apparatus, they will serve as common space of work for designers, educators, and researchers.

  • Home education study room

Here, we will be able to observe learning processes in small groups, in circumstances and surroundings which resemble an apartment.

  • Group study labs (focus rooms)

Spaces equipped with one-way mirrors and devices that allow to record and analyse the behaviours of class participants. They will be used primarily by researchers – psychologists and sociologists.

  • Development labs

Here, there will be space for teams working in CRL and seminar rooms.

  • LO-TECH Laboratories

They will resemble educational labs in Copernicus (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Robotics). There, we will be able to conduct natural science classes in groups, and observe their progression. Equipped with one-way mirrors, backroom for observers, and research apparatus, they will allow us to study group behaviours, educational aids influence, and other themes, which increase our knowledge about the environment and its elements.

  • FabLab

Workshopping space, where we plan to conduct engineering works for youth and adults, devoted to the role of construction in the development of future competences.

  • HI-TECH interdisciplinary labs

It's a space equipped with advanced technological devices and apparatus allowing to conduct advanced experiments in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It will mostly serve scientists and researchers. Here, the first prototypes of learning aids and exhibits will come to life.

  • Workshops: electronic, CNC, and joinery

Spaces equipped with professional devices, used to create advanced versions of the prototypes, like a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a milling machine, or CNC lathes, among others.

  • Living Lab

A part of the Copernican Revolution Lab will be put inside Copernicus' main building. Soon, a new space for research stations will appear in a marked spot. Being equipped with sensor system, they will allow us to collect data on how do people of different ages, genders, and other traits learn.

Zdjęcie budynku PPK wieczorem.

The task “Building of Copernican Revolution Lab, included in the expansion of the Copernicus Science Centre” is co-financed by the funds of the Capital City of Warsaw – Specific Subsidy Contract from the Funds of the Capital City of Warsaw no. C/OM/VII/P3/99/U-263/2018-2021, from 31st October 2018. The amount of funding: 27 690 101,00 PLN.

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