Research team

Products that come to life in the Copernican Revolution Lab are a result of cooperation between a few, or even a few dozens of people from the Copernicus team. We invite you to get in touch with the persons who will allow you to establish a working relationship with specific teams or labs. 

Katarzyna Potęga vel Żabik 

Holds the position of Head of the Research Department at the Copernican Revolution Lab, which is a part of the Copernicus Science Centre's R&D center. The department's focus is on advancing knowledge in the field of informal learning and developing educational tools. The research and evaluation efforts aim to better understand Communities of Learners and assess how the learning environments and solutions we design influence the development of essential XXI century skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration.


Dr Marta Sałkowska  

Researcher with a Ph.D. in sociology, interested in the meaning of sociocultural factors (including disability) in formal and not formal learning situations. She conducts research as part of the "Science for You" (“Nauka dla Ciebie”) program and provides research support to the CNK Laboratories Department. She mentors trainees in the Research Department. Qualitative methods enthusiast. 


Szymon Filipowicz 

Develops knowledge about creating educational tools used by teachers in schools and educational spaces that support the development of future competencies in learners. Conduct research related to the development of knowledge transfer methods between academic institutions and society.


Dorota Czyżewska

Cultural studies scholar, innovation and service designer. Driven by curiosity in her research work, she enjoys discovering new knowledge and co-creating scientific value centered around modern education and learning methods. Enthusiastic about Design Thinking and agile project approaches

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The task “Building of Copernican Revolution Lab, included in the expansion of the Copernicus Science Centre” is co-financed by the funds of the Capital City of Warsaw – Specific Subsidy Contract from the Funds of the Capital City of Warsaw no. C/OM/VII/P3/99/U-263/2018-2021, from 31st October 2018. The amount of funding: 27 690 101,00 PLN.

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