Limited availability of attractions on May 24th
We kindly inform you that on May 24th, some attractions will be unavailable for visitors: the exhibition “The Future is Today”, the Robotic Theater, and the “Air fountain” exhibit. Additionally, the corridor connecting the Exhibitions and the Planetarium will be closed, so we ask those attending a show to walk around the building.
Copernicus – Poland's Investment of the Decade in the EU
The Copernicus Science Centre has been recognized by „Rzeczpospolita” as one of the 15 best Polish investments of the past two decades, realized with co-financing from European funds. The awards were given to local governments – municipal, city, county, and provincial – in four categories: sustainable transport, green investments, culture and education, and society.
Join us for the 2024 Night of Museums at Copernicus!
Our Exhibits, Planetarium, and special attractions await you. At the „The Future is Now” exhibit, you'll find our latest robots. Talk to its curator, the android Ameca. Ameca is an advanced humanoid equipped with artificial intelligence and a flexible face that perfectly imitates human expressions. You'll also have the chance to control her companion, the robotic dog Sirius. It's worth spending some time at this exhibit to see how it has grown. In the fall of 2023, we expanded the exhibition by adding displays showcasing the possible future of medicine and advancements in bioengineering.
Hanna Wróblewska, a long-standing member of our Program Council, has been appointed as the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Congratulations!
Free-of-charge Planetarium screenings in Ukrainian
We invite all Ukrainian families to join our cosmic adventure. In the Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium, we will organise free screenings of our three acclaimed titles – Polaris (age 5+), Astronaut (age 7+), and We Are Aliens (age 10+). The screenings will be preceded with live sky shows, also in Ukrainian.
You cannot be silent any longer. Letter to the Russian Polytechnic Museum
Solidarity with Ukraine
Last night, the Russian Federation launched an attack on sovereign Ukraine by moving regular army into its territory. Bombs and rockets are dropped on military infrastructure, the civilian population is suffering as well. We are an institution of culture and we cannot be indifferent to a brutal violation of basic human rights and an assault on the independent country of our neighbours. In the face of Russian aggression, we are expressing support and full solidarity with our Ukrainian friends and partners. We are showing it on our social media and in the building. We also invite Ukrainian citizens to visit Copernicus for free. / Слава Україні!
Czarne tło, na nim żółte koło i ikony biletów.
Limited ticket availability
Due to government regulations, starting 1 December we decrease the availability limit of our spaces. The sanitary restrictions are meant to reduce the spread of the virus during the 4th wave of infections.
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