Ecsite 2025

3–5 June 2025, Copernicus Science Centre

The Ecsite conference is the largest global gathering of science communicators and enthusiasts from more than 50 countries. It is a unique opportunity to share knowledge, to learn and to make valuable professional contacts.


Ecsite is our family. A family we first became when our institution was still in its very early phase – while it was still just “a project”, without any real status, exhibitions, or building. We were meant to become the very first science centre in Poland, and were preparing to take a bold step into the unknown. Thanks to ECSITE’s cooperation and support, we were able to feel more confident and secure. We drew upon the network’s experience, whilst gradually building our own. We also sought inspiration and solutions at the association’s annual conferences – and then, in 2007, we applied to organize one of them. We could then only present a drawing of what the future building would look like and point to a spot on the map where it was to be built.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us at that time and for the honour of hosting the conference despite the many unknowns.

In 2011, we met in the Copernicus building, which had opened a few months earlier. We were finally able to return the favour and put our achievements into perspective. It was a milestone in our history.

It is therefore with the greatest pleasure that we announce the Ecsite conference will be held again at the Copernicus Science Centre in 2025!

We will host science communicators in our Conference Centre, in the Planetarium and in our recently established Copernican Revolution Lab.

Evening events will take place in Forteca (Fortress) and Klub Niebo (Sky Club).

See you in June 2025!