Vision, mission and values


People shape a world that is friendly to them and to nature, by developing and applying science.


We inspire people to experiment, understand the world, and take responsible action.


We value science, integrity, openness, co-operation, care for the environment.


  • We base ourselves on the authority of science, stemming from the way scientific  consensus is achieved. 
  • We engage scientists in our activities and facilitate their dialog with society.
  • We improve ourselves through continual learning and R&D processes.
  • We support learners in their development.
  • We make decisions using the best available evidence and encourage others to do likewise. 
  • We prototype, test, and explore what is new and unknown.


  • We are guided in our behaviour by the values we declare.
  • We ensure transparent decision-making.
  • We do our jobs with the utmost diligence.
  • We strive to ensure the high quality, scientific accuracy and social value of our activities and exhibits. 
  • We cultivate and encourage forthright communication.
  • We keep our promises; we admit to mistakes we make and to things we do not know. 


  • We create opportunities for dialog with a sense of security and mutual trust.
  • We are guided by openness to diverse ideas and to the needs of diverse social groups, and by scientific credibility.  
  • We strive to ensure equal access to what we offer.
  • In making decisions, we take account of the sensitivities and needs of people and other living beings.  
  • We create our programme with society in mind, in all of its diversity.
  • We are kind towards our fellow staff, visitors, activity participants and partners.


  • We develop national and international networks of cooperation.
  • We support collaborations based on trust and faith in the good will and responsibility of team members and partners. 
  • We appreciate the value contributed by team members, partners, and audience members. 
  • We take responsibility for pursuing common goals. 
  • We voice constructive reservations and comments and we are open to criticism. 


  • In our day-to-day work and programmes, we promote behaviours conducive to protecting the natural environment. 
  • We strive to ensure the biodiversity of our green spaces. 
  • We manage resources sensibly, limiting purchases, reducing trash, reusing things and conserving electricity and water. 
  • In all our activity we strive to minimize CO2 emissions.