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musical and cosmic show
ABBA under the stars
15+ (PL) 3,12, 30,12, 21.01, 11.02
.Mamma mia! ABBA is back, have you heard!? It’s a perfect opportunity to visit our Planetarium. We are inviting you to our new, musical and cosmic show.
Zdjęcie satelitarne Ziemi, na niej widać ślad stopy i obok transparent z hasłem "Jak zmniejszyć nasz ślad węglowy"
interactive show
Climate – a Hot Topic
15+ (PL)
From a weather station in Okęcie, Warsaw, to the hostile environments of Venus and Mars – we invite you on a journey, and a better understanding of the future of our planet is its destination.
Film Polaris
5+ (PL, EN, RUS)
Get to know the incredible story of a penguin and a bear. Find out how Earth rotates around its axis. Do you know the secrets of a polar night?
Dawn of the Space Age
10+ (PL, EN, RUS)
What did the beginnings of space conquest look like? Join us to follow the struggles of two superpowers. Rivalry made them compete in a space race. Find out who was the first to reach the Earth's orbit and the Moon!
Film Halo Ziemia
Hello Earth
10+ (PL, EN, RUS)
Why do we need human interactions so badly? Does the Internet really connect people? How can we let other potential inhabitants of the Cosmos know that we exist?
Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket - for preschoolers
3+ (PL, EN, RUS)
Would you like to embark on a cosmic journey, and see the Sun and the Solar System planets from up close? Join the film characters, who use the power of imagination to go on an incredible expedition with a hand-made rocket.
Pokaz Chaos i harmonia. Matematyczna symfonia
music show
Chaos and order. Mathematical symphony
Dive into beautiful, three-dimensional fractals! Visit the world of art created by algorithms: Platonic solids, geometric shapes, galaxy clusters, remarkable structures of the Universe, chaos theory simulations, cycloids, and Newton's fractals.
film Ziemia, księżyc, słońce
Earth, Moon and Sun
7+ (PL, EN, RUS)
Why does the Sun shine? How do seasons change? And the times of day? Learn more about constellations, space travel, and the Moon landing.
Film Szybciej niż światło
Faster than Light
15+ (PL, EN, RUS)
How far and how fast can we travel? Can we surpass the speed of light? See how scientific and engineering developments allow us to discover the Universe more and more accurately.
7+ (PL, EN, RUS)
How does one prepare for a visit at the International Space Station? What do astronauts actually do there? Learn about the dangers that await humans in space.
We Are Aliens
10+ (PL, EN)
Join us on a search for life in space! We will traverse the whole Solar System, study the grounds of Mars, and even the bottom of a deep ocean on Europa – one of Jupiter's moons!
Na skrzydłach marzeń
Dream to Fly
10+ (PL, EN, RUS)
How many times have you dreamt of flying? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wings? Watch a film about the history of aviation and embark on a scientific adventure! We promise hot air balloons, dirigibles, planes, and even space travel!
Film Dobór naturalny
3D film
Natural Selection
10+ (PL, EN, RUS)
Step on the deck of HMS Beagle and join Carl Darwin on his remarkable journey to South America. The goal is to discover the theory of evolution!
Zdjęcie satelitarne Ziemi, na niej widać ślad stopy i obok transparent z hasłem "Jak zmniejszyć nasz ślad węglowy"
zabierz klasę do Planetarium
Lekcja pod gwiazdami
Udział w lekcji bierze wyłącznie rezerwująca ją grupa. Reszta miejsc zostaje pusta! Zapraszamy od września! Lekcja składa się z projekcji filmu oraz interaktywnego pokazu prowadzonego na żywo.
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„Lates” 18+

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„Lates” 18+
Once a month, in late evening hours (7 - 10PM), Copernicus opens only for adults. Agenda? Exhibitions, Planetarium, and additional attractions, connected to the theme of the evening.