The Copernicus Science Centre is not a museum. There are no glass cabinets or guides to show you around. Rather, it’s a space that will inspire you to observe, experiment, ask questions, and look for answers. It’s up to you what you take home.


When you come to Copernicus, you can stay as long as you’d like, until closing time. But don’t worry if you don’t end up seeing everything. There are so many attractions it’s practically impossible to experience them all during a single visit. Visitors typically spend 2 to 3 hours, and frequently come back again.

Kieruj się ciekawością

Let your curiosity be your guide

Copernicus is not a place to tour through, like a conventional museum. We have no fixed pathways or museum guides to lead you. So enjoy your freedom! Let your curiosity be your guide and spend time on what interests you. You might even discover a hidden passion you never suspected you had.

Forget tests!

At Copernicus, there are no tests of you knowledge or checking what you have mastered. Put that school atmosphere out of your mind. Whatever you do here, you will not make a mistake. Don’t be afraid to ask a staff member (one of our “explainers”) to help resolve any doubts. No one will be evaluating you. And remember: there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Opowiedz nam o sobie

Hands-on exhibits

The exhibits at Copernicus are not objects set inside golden frames. They are essentially experimental stations that are inert without you engaging and interacting with them. So you can forget about glass cabinets, “Do not touch!” and “No talking!” signs. At Copernicus, you have to touch, check, twist everything yourself, sometimes even jump or scream in order to get an exhibit to work. Maybe you feel a bit unaccustomed to such behaviour, a tad uncomfortable? No worries: just watch children doing it for a moment. You’ll probably get into the swing of it pretty quickly.

You will find several hundreds of different exhibits in our galleries. Some of them we build ourselves in our workshop, others are imported from other countries, many others are continually being perfected. We constantly test them all with visitors, always striving to illustrate a given phenomenon in the best, most intriguing, fullest possible way.

Nie musisz wszystkiego rozumieć

You don’t have to understand everything

Let yourself say “I don’t know”, “I don’t get it”. If an issue particularly interests you, look for an answer yourself. But remember that our explainers can help.

Come back

Not only because what Copernicus has to offer is constantly changing. Come back to us in order to finish what you started. You didn’t get to see everything? You didn’t manage to get your hands on all the exhibits? That’s completely normal. There are so many it’s hard to try them all out during a single visit.

Ask and experiment!

Since childhood, you were taught to listen to instructions, then to follow them. You answered the questions, rather than asking them. No more of that here! Let your doubts loose, test them out! Maybe you will discover a way to use one of our exhibits we never even thought of? Don’t take anything for granted. Check for yourself, let your inquisitive mind dig deeper.

Give us feedback

We learn from you about how to design the best exhibits and arrange the galleries in the most interesting ways. You can ask our explainers anything, and feel free to share with them what you think of the exhibits.