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The Copernicus Revolution Lab is the Centre’s R&D facility. Here we design, implement, and scale up new solutions and technologies for education. Our work advances the understanding of how science and science teaching can effectively tap into the interests, passions and needs of today’s school students and their social environment. In the R&D work carried out at the Copernicus Revolution Lab, we focus on developing the competencies of the future. In particular, this research focuses on: 

  • the best ways to lean and to teach topics in the natural and physical sciences; 
  • science communication addressing the challenges of the future; 
  • applying innovations in teaching and learning practices. 

We participate in national and international R&D projects, prepare reports, develop expert opinions, and enable our partners to carry out research work wthin our exhibition and laboratory spaces that is consistent with the values and mission of the Copernicus Science Center. 

To talk about possible ways we can work together, please get in touch with our team. 


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