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Experiment safely – we’re open!

Kierunek zwiedzania na wystawach

On June 10th we opened our Exhibitions, and on the 11th – Planetarium. Visit us! We’ve missed you.

With great joy, we invite you back! As we operate in a new reality, we now act according to extraordinary rules of safety. And safety has always been very important to us in Copernicus. For the sake of everybody, we need to be responsible together. Protect one another. Which is why we ask you to take the following rules seriously. Rest assured, they will not ruin the joy of experimenting!

Take care of yourself and others

    • Cover your nose and mouth.
      Vending machines with face masks are located in the entrance areas of the Exhibitions and the Planetarium. 
    • Maintain at least 2 m distance from others.
      Markings on the floors will help you estimate the distance.
    • Wash or disinfect your hands regularly.
      Hand sanitiser dispensers are available in the building.
    • Move according to the directions.
      There are arrows on the floors to help you.
    Wyłączyliśmy część eksponatów

    We care about our visitors

    When preparing to reopen Copernicus, we took care both of your comfort while experimenting without having to get close to other Visitors, and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. We want our Visitors to feel comfortable and fully satisfied with discovering the laws of science on their own. 

    Safe experimentation

    • We reduced the number of Visitors in the Exhibitions and the Planetarium by half. In the Planetarium, we leave one empty seat between Visitors. Family members and people who spend time together on a daily basis can sit next to each other normally.
    • We increased the distances between our exhibits, and paved directions to help our Visitors with keeping a safe distance from each other.
    • We deactivated all exhibits with strong air blows, as well as those that require blowing on them or bringing your face close to them. An epidemiologist has worked with us on the selection.
    • There will be no live shows in the Planetarium. However, short live screenings before films will stay in our repertoire.
    • We keep the Robotic Theatre and Labs closed for now. High Voltage Theatre is open, but without live shows.
    W Bzzz jest bezpiecznie

    Hygienic space

    We have covered our exhibits and frequently touched surfaces with a special photocatalytic coating, which protects against bacteria, viruses, and fungi for 12 months. This revolutionary nanotechnological solution allows to keep a place clean without constant disinfecting. It also improves the quality of air inside the building

    • We installed protective screens that separate our cashiers from the Visitors.
    • We increased the number of mixed waste bins. That is where you should throw your used masks, gloves, and disinfecting tissues.
    • We ran an extra inspection and cleaning of AC systems and ventilation.
    • We introduced temporary airing of communications routes. The air from inside gets out and is replaced with fresh, filtered air.


    For sanitary reasons, the following are unavailable:

    • Cloakrooms. You can use lockers in the Exhibitions.
    • Hand dryers in the bathrooms. There are paper towels available.
    • Drinking water fountains.

    Come over!

    Pokryliśmy powierzchnie nanośrodkiem


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