Pure fun and pure air.

While strolling down the riverside, you can see a big wooden arbour, next to Copernicus Science Centre. Take a look inside! It's AirBubble – a playground with a microclimate. Inside, you will find differently shaped “bubbles” to jump on, and bioreactors connected together with pipes, where the chlorella algae live. You can watch them and breathe the air they purified.

The algae live in aquatic environments. And yet, they know how to seize the sunlight up to 50 times more effectively than terrestrial plants. They use carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide molecules for sustenance, and increase their own biomass. Like all plants, they release oxygen. There are 52 bioreactors installed inside the AirBubble. Each one holds 10 litres of live chlorella cultures. Which is how we hope to achieve an optimal Air Quality Index, according to WHO.

AirBubble was designed to engage children in the process of air purification. The power is supplied to the playground by solar energy and movement. “Bubbles” to jump on are also pumps, which stimulate the bioreactors to work.

AirBubble will be available until 31 October 2021, during the opening hours of Copernicus Science Centre Exhibitions. The fun here is free!

If you want to take a closer look at chlorella and get to know her purifying potential, come to our Exhibitions. You will find a new installation there, about algae and AirBubble.

The playground was built for the Help Children Breath Better campaign, initiated by Otrivin Clean Breathing. More on the Air Bubble campaign: www.otrivin.pl/airbubble.