Przemiany Festival 2021

Przemiany Cinema

For the Przemiany cinema programme, we always choose documentaries that are directly connected to the subjects explored at the festival. They are supplemental to the threads which sometimes don't make the time during lectures, debates, or meetings with experts.

This year, we will watch documentaries that:

  • disclose PR strategies of conservative think tanks, financed by the biggest oil companies, founded to seed disinformation and question the scientific consensus on the human impact on global warming;
  • show the work of climate researches “behind the scenes” – we will learn how scientists know that the climate is changing, and that our civilisational, industry emissions are among the contributing factors;
  • analyse the climate crisis from an economic point of view, focusing both on economic causes, and on potential consequences of climate change for the economic system which is currently dominating in the world.
  • introduce the history and technical mysteries of nuclear power, and the social controversies that have, for decades, accompanied nuclear power plants;
  • question our capabilities and ambitions, when it comes to controlling the Earth ecosystem;
  • portray the community of young climate activists – we will get to know the youth's fears, regarding the future, we will see climate protests, and we will wonder about the consequences brought by these forms of actions taken for climate.