Przemiany Festival 2021

ATOMIC FORUM Foundation mobile exhibition

One of the most important equations in Physics declares that small amounts of Mass can be turned into massive amounts of Energy. The E = mc2 formula, published by Albert Einstein in 1905, is the basis of understanding the energy of nuclear fusion and nucleosynthesis.

Exhibits presented in the first part of the exhibition by ATOMIC FORUM Foundation – including a model of a nuclear plant, a holographic pyramid, or a mock-up of a fuel cartridge for a pressurised water reactor – are an introduction to the world of nucleus and atomic engineering. They introduce the principles behind nuclear reactors – from a single nuclear fission of uranium, to turbines generating electrical power.

What can't be seen or felt by the senses, can trigger the worst fears. The consequences of ionising radiation, e.g. on living organisms, can only be observed after specific characteristics of a given effect exceed certain amounts.

Thanks to research on the properties of this, what cannot be seen with bare eyes, methods of safe usage of radioactive isotopes were created, as well as devices that create ionising radiation.

The shows at the second part of the exhibition are there to make you aware that ionising radiation exists in nature, and every human being is constantly exposed to it. What's more, each and every one of us is a walking source of such radiation. We will show you how everyday objects, construction materials, and the ground we walk each day contain isotopes emitting ionising radiation. We will also present to you the rules of radiological protection. We wish to prove to you, that radiation surrounds us, and there is absolutely nothing to be scared of.

Experts you will meet at the exhibition

mgr Łukasz Koszuk – between 2009 and 2019, worked at the Division of Nuclear Energy at the National Centre for Nuclear Research (Neutronics and New Technologies Section), currently a PhD candidate at the Section of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. The co-founder and president of the ATOMIC FORUM Foundation. Works with the physics behind nuclear reactors in his everyday job.

mgr inż. Zuzanna Podgórska – PhD candidate at the Section of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology. Member of Board at the Spokesmen of Science Association, European Radon Association, ATOMIC FORUM Foundation, and Foundation. Finalist of the Polish edition of the FameLab contest. Head of the Polish division, and a Radon expert at Radonova Laboratories.

mgr inż. Iwona Słonecka – graduate of the Physics Department at Warsaw University of Technology, specialising in Medical Physics, currently a PhD candidate at the Section of Nuclear Physics, at the same department. For 8 years, she has been working in the field of radiological protection and dosimetry – with the focus on biological, thermo-luminescent and photo-luminescent dosimetry. A populariser of science, supervises Engineering and Master's theses, school and university level teacher, and a trainer. Volunteers at ATOMIC FORUM Foundation. For 6 years now, she's been active as an inspector of radiological protection.

mgr inż. Anna Przybyszewska – Project Manager and Expert, with an experience in working at international research and development environments for energetics, nuclear power, renewable power sources, gas power. Graduate of Nuclear Power Studies at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels of AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. While working at the National Centre for Nuclear Research, she took part in projects concerning IV generation reactor, and projects involving nuclear co-generation, and other non-electric usages for nuclear power. Associated with the ATOMIC FORUM Foundation since 2010.