Birth of Planet Earth

In the early days of the Universe, gas giants wreaked havoc. Worlds emerged and collapsed. So how did the Earth survive? We invite you to watch our newest film at the Planetarium.

"Birth of Planet Earth" takes us through our planet’s complex history in an extremely evocative way. The film uses advanced cinematic visualisations based on reliable data.

How is it possible that life was born on Earth after such a turbulent emergence of the Solar System? Why was it born here and not somewhere else? Will the history of our globe help us find similar planets in the Milky Way?

During the film, we will travel billions of years back in time – to a period when life was only just being born in craters filled with primordial soup. We will look at the beginnings of our planet and the origins of life that impacted the Earth’s role in the Universe.

Polish narration by Janusz Zadura

„Birth of Planet Earth” trailer