Earth, Moon and Sun

Learn all about everyday astronomical phenomena. What happens in the sky? Why does the Sun shine and how can we make use of it? How do days and seasons change? The film also talks about constellations, space travel, and the Moon landing.

The Sun and the Moon are the brightest celestial bodies in the sky, and we think we know them well. But do we? In the film we will explore in more depth why does the Sun shine, and how do all those ordinary phenomena happen – night and day, Moon phases, seasons – as well as the less ordinary ones, like eclipses. We will also find out how our ancestors explained them. Our young viewers can learn about celestial phenomena and historic lunar landing missions, and how to separate scientific explanations from misguided fantasies.

Lectors: Wojciech Malajkat, Krzysztof Tyniec.

Audio description available.

Earth, Moon, Sun is prefaced with a live show conducted in Polish.