Khrumka and the Magic Rocket - for preschoolers

Are you looking for a family adventure film, with characters that will take your child on a cosmic adventure, to tell them the most interesting tales of our Solar System? We have just the thing for you.

Meet Khrumka! Together with him and his friend, Kippy the marten, you will visit the school of the fairy forest, and find a magic rocket. After you start it, you will embark on a journey through the Solar System. Robik, the friendly robot wlll be your guide. Thanks to him, you will get to know the planets closest to us, and understand why Mars is red and Venus is full of craters.

It is produced by a Ukrainian planetarium, and we have decided to acquire it for our viewers.

Before the screening, „Frank the Bunny” live show will be conducted by the Planetarium staff.